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TCL TAC-18T3B T3 1.5Ton DC Inverter Heat and Cool, 3DC, Pure Copper Condenser, Ampere Lock Feature - On Installments

As low as Rs 195,000.00

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9 Months 5%
12 Months 8%
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TCL 18T3B – Miracle TAC-18T3B DC Inverter 1.5 Ton Heat & Cool

TCL provides a sleeky design with a compressor that outlasts performance even at 55 degrees. No doubts about the TCL 18T3B DC Inverter 1.5 Ton T3 twin rotary compressor that is an emblem of performance exemplified. However, being this massive also makes it super quiet and hard on performance parameters.

Moreover, 4D airflow allows the air to disperse in all directions with equal proportion so that air must not be focused on one person. With a bigger indoor of 3.5 feet and 4D airflow, cooling is more rapid. With a mark of performance and reliability, the inverter can save 66% of electricity.

Operations and bigger Indoor

The size of indoor for making TCL 18T3B DC Inverters indoor of 3.5 feet is to make use of its 4D airflow effectively. 4D airflow allows the air to disperse in all directions for rapid cooling. Furthermore, this TCL T3 DC Inverter operates on the power of 350 to 2250 Watts and a Voltage of 220 to 240 Volts.

Powerful compressor

T3 compressors are a revolution in TCL 18T3B DC inverter technology. They are more efficient and powerful than single rotary inverters and make operations smoother. They have two motors working at a phase difference of 180 degrees so it is quieter and more efficient.

Moreover, TCL gives 3 years warranty for its T3 DC inverter compressor. The compressor works even at 55 degrees without tripping.

Cleaning features

TCL 18T3B DC inverter provides a gas leakage detection system that will alarm when there is leakage in the pipes. This will allow you to detect leakage at the earliest and can save you from bigger problems.  Moreover, with a dust filter cleaning reminder, you are reminded on time to clean your filters for a dust-free environment.

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