The Book Of Destiny Unlocking The Secrets Of The Ancient Mayans And The Prophecy Of 2012

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A Mayan Priest Reveals What the 2012 Prophecy Really Means for Your Life Written at the request of the Mayan Elders, by a member of the Guatemalan Elders Council and Mayan priest Carlos Barrios, The Book of Destiny is a tool to help people understand their life purpose and to use this profound knowledge to make the best of their time on earth. According to the Mayan Elders, at the moment of birth every human being is given a destiny. Our life challenge is to develop ourselves and our skills in order to fulfill this destiny, thus fueling our individual contribution to the planet. At the heart of The Book of Destiny is the sacred Mayan Calendar, an extraordinary tool that allows readers to discover this destiny, along with their special Mayan symbol, origin, and protection spirits that accompany them through life.