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User Related Queries

Basic Order Related:

How do I place an order on AlfaMall?

Placing an order with AlfaMall is really simple and easy. Please follow these steps:

  1. Select the item you wish to buy on For shopping on Alfa App, go directly go to the Mall Screen, which is placed bottom bar of the Alfa App
  2. Go through the categories and/or product(s)
  3. Check availability and shipping price for your location
  4. Check the price of the item, select size/ color/ quantity you want to buy, and click on Checkout – this will take you to Login (if not signed in)
  5. Enter your Alfa ID & Password or IB user ID & password
  6. You can either continue shopping by going back or proceed to pay on Cart
  7. To complete the purchase, add the promo code [if any] on the cart screen & Select the delivery address
  8. Select mode of payment & complete the payment process as prompted
  9. This completes the transaction and the order is placed to the seller

What do I do if there is a delay in order confirmation?

Merchant (Seller) has to acknowledge orders after a user places them on AlfaMall. In some rare cases, Merchant(s) have to cancel orders. It usually takes 12-48 hours for Merchant to confirm orders. If there is a delay, you can contact the BAFL Call Center at 111 -225 -111 for more information (query) or registering a complain

What do I do if there is a delay in order confirmation?

Merchant (Seller) has to acknowledge orders after a user places them on AlfaMall. In some rare cases, Merchant(s) have to cancel orders. It usually takes 12-48 hours for Merchant to confirm orders. If there is a delay, you can contact the BAFL Call Center at 111 -225 -111 for more information (query) or registering a complaint

How can I track my order?

BAFL (AlfaMall) will send user the necessary updates about the status of their order via SMS/Email or in-App Notifications. User can also track their order on relevant courier portal with the respective tracking link

My order has been shipped. How quickly will I get my order?

Products are usually delivered within 24-48 working hours in Karachi, and within 48-72 working hours in Lahore and Islamabad except holidays. In cases where the item delivery takes a longer delivery time it will already be mentioned in the respective product description, however it may noted that delay be caused due the force majeure events

My order has been shipped but is delayed. What should I do?

AlfaMall regrets any delayed delivery of user order(s). User can follow order progress by entering their tracking number on the courier’s tracking portal. If the status has not changed in a while, user is requested to connect with BAFL Call Center Team. User can reach the team 24/7 at or user can contact us via the Call Center at 111-225-111


Order Placement:

Do I need an account to shop on AlfaMall?

You will need an ‘Alfa’ or ‘Internet Banking / IB’ account to login to AlfaMall

My payment was processed successfully but I didn't get any order confirmation. What should I do?

User is request to connect with BAFL so AlfaMall can look into the matter. User can reach the Call Center team 24/7 via call at 111-225-111 or email a query/complaint at

I haven't received the invoice for my order.

If user has not received a hard copy of the invoice along with their order, they are request to connect with AlfaMall Call Center and update as a query so that a copy of the invoice can be sent. Please send an email complaint with User Order ID at


Order Cancellation:

How do I cancel my order?

If user order is not yet on its way, the user is eligible for order cancellation

Click on "My Account" and click on "My Orders" in the drop-down.
Once user can see their order, click the "Cancel" Button next to the Order ID

Please note that 'Cancellation' is subject to Merchant Approval (since the order may already be in process to be delivered)

Furthermore, please note shipment charges shall not be refunded in the case of cancellation (if product is in transit)

Alternatively, user is advised to please contact the Call Center at 111-225-111 to request an update regarding their order progress. If the user’s order is already on its way or if user has already received the order, they may be able to return the product if it is simultaneously posted as a cancelled product

(See the AlfaMall Returns Guidelines for detailed information)

Shipping Charges & Delivery:

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping rate calculated is based on the weight of the products, the origin from where the item is picked from and the destination to where it is delivered. The total shipping fee charged will be clearly indicated for each product individually at the main product page and the total shipping fee for the cart will be displayed at the checkout page

Why are my items shipped separately?

Products ordered from different Merchants (Sellers) are often shipped separately as per delivery period mentioned to make sure that there is no delay in fulfillment of your order if one order will take longer than others

Products and Prices:

Are all products new and original?

Yes, AlfaMall is committed through its Merchant (Seller) to offering its users 100% genuine and original products. AlfaMall also takes all necessary actions to ensure this: any Merchant (Seller) found to be providing non-genuine product(s) is immediately delisted with the necessary action – additionally users are requested to rate products, which is essentially meant to value Merchant (Seller) quality of service.

However, it does not mean that AlfaMall guarantee the product or services of Merchant, or for quality. quantity, specification of the products offers and disclaim any liability, obligations whatsoever in nature in this regard, so customer needed to read guidelines carefully    

Users can send an email on with a complaint if they believe a product listed on the AlfaMall platform(s) do not fulfill set standards


Product Warranty & Installation:

Where should I go for my warranty claim?

Please refer to the manufacturer (or service center) details on the warranty card included with the product (if applicable). If there is no warranty card, user is advised to check the user manual, product packaging or contact us at with a complaint (if needed) i.e. if the product had warranty but the respective documents were not made available with the product

I lost my warranty card. How can I claim warranty?

Even if the user has lost the warranty card, they can still claim warranty by representing the AlfaMall’s Merchant (Seller) purchase invoice to any authorized service center for the respective brand/product



How do I pay on AlfaMall?

User can pay on Alf Mall using their BAFL bank account, Orbit points, Debit or Credit Cards and Wallet Account. Once user is logged in to AlfaMall (via Web or App), these options will be made available to user via the Payment Gateway. Please note that you have to be a Bank Alfalah Customer to use Alfa Mall. 

Do you offer Cash on Delivery?

No. AlfaMall does not offer Cash on Delivery at this point in time


Refunds & Returns

What is AlfaMall's Returns Guideline?

AlfaMall’s Return Guidelines can be found here

What are the steps to return a product?

User is to log in to their account (Alfa/IB). Select the order they wish to return and click on “Manage Order “button

Click on “Return Items” and fill out the respective form. Wait for the AlfaMall Merchant (Seller) or courier partner to pick up the order. AlfaMall will verify user claim and replace the product for user in the required timeline

User can also request a return by calling the Call Center at 111-225-111 to post a query/complaint

I found the package open and the product seal broken on delivery. What should I do?

User is requested in case of delivery concerns to get in touch with the 24/7 Call Centre at 111-225-111 or email a complaint at

My parcel has been reported missing. What now?

User is requested to get in touch with the 24/7 Call Center at 111-225-111 or log a complaint via email to the following email address:

My parcel has been received damaged. What do I do now?

User is requested to get in touch with the 24/7 Call Center at 111-225-111 or log a complaint via email to the following email address:



Does Alfa Mall deliver all over Pakistan?

Yes we deliver all over Pakistan (this is subject to product description – if it is defined as restricted delivery)


General Questions

How can I sign-up as a customer on AlfaMall?

User needs to be registered on ‘ALFA’ or as an ‘Internet Banking (IB)’ customer. For more information on ‘Alfa’ and how to register, visit  

How can I change the password of my AlfaMall account?

The User Name & Password for AlfaMall are the same as your Alfa App/ IB credentials. To change the password, please follow the ‘Change Password’ process of ‘Alfa/IB’.

How can I add a new delivery address to my account?

Log in to the User Account and click on “Your Account” Icon. Now click on “Manage My Account” in the drop down. User will be directed to their account where they will find "Address Book". Click on the “Add a New Address” button, enter the details of the new address and click on “Save this Address

User can also add another address during the ‘Check Out’ process. Press the ‘Add New Address’ button on the ‘Delivery’ screen to add an address.

Can I add multiple email addresses to login to my account?

To make sure that your account is always secure, multiple email addresses cannot be added.

Why do I need to provide my email address to sign up?

Your email address helps us provide timely information to you about your order


Merchant Related Queries

General Questions:

How do I register myself as a Merchant (Seller) on AlfaMall?

If a Merchant sells new and genuine products, they can register immediately by visiting this page and filling out a brief form. Within 3 business days, a point of contact from the AlfaMall team will get in touch with the Merchant (Seller) to guide them through the rest of the process

Who can sell on AlfaMall?

Any business/company big or small can become a Merchant (Seller) on AlfaMall, as long they are authorized as a primary or as a reseller of that Product, or purchased or otherwise legally acquired that Product from an authorized reseller of that Product, or otherwise have a legal right to sell that Product

If the Merchant (Seller) is not a business but an individual, than AlfaMall will need more information. Please contact us on to register your request

What are the charges of Selling on AlfaMall?

Listing products on AlfaMall is at no cost! AlfaMall also does not charge Merchant (Seller) anything for listing their products online. A Merchant (Seller) however must oblige AlfaMall by paying a Platform Fee (i.e. a discount on the actual price of the product). This applies when the product is sold to the AlfaMall user/customer. Merchant can share a query to the AlfaMall team via the Call Center 111-225-111 or send an email to for more information

I as a Merchant do not have a website (ecommerce) to take payments, as I am a small merchant or retailer. Which solution would be best for us?

AlfaMall is a complete platform for taking orders for Merchants. It is a complete platform which can handle listings, purchases, payments, refunds and reports. It does not necessarily require a website to be integrated with the platform, there are alternative methods for Merchant to update their products and become a Merchant

How long will it take to get AlfaMall account for Merchant(s)?

After filling out the AlfaMall signup form, AlfaMall will need to gather some additional information before opening a Merchant account. Time can thus vary case to case. 

How soon will I get my money after the transaction is processed?

Transactions are usually deposited into your bank account in agreed term of business days after confirmed delivery of the order. This is set on the rule T+(n) where T = Order Transaction Completion of delivery and (n) = the number of days agreed with Merchant for disbursing payment

Can I create coupons or promotional discounts on the platform?

Yes, the Merchant (Seller) has the flexibility to create coupons or discounts that work for your business through AlfaMall Seller Center. Merchant can customize coupons and promos by days, products, categories, time, locations or even types of customers. However this requires pre-approval from AlfaMall

What if I need to cancel my Merchant agreement?

Merchant (Seller) can terminate the use of AlfaMall platform at any time with a 60-90 day notice period

How does Merchant Financing work?

With a this option, merchants get financing for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months periods based on the transactional history Merchant has maintained with the bank. The Financing line is instantly approved/processed. However delays may be subject to any documentation issues

My reports says I have done 850 transactions, however when I see my disbursements, it only shows 800. Why is there a difference?

Transactions are stored in AlfaMall databases at a set time, so AlfaMall invoices are generated in that time. Payments are also for ‘Completed’ transactions only as in products which have been ‘Delivered’. Transactions will also differ based on chargebacks received, refunds, reversals, failed transactions or other reasons. Check the disbursement reports in the Seller Center for more details